Governing bodies


President of the Senate:

Dr. Csaba Kutnyánszky Vice-President of Education


Member professors and researchers:

Dr. József Eötvös
Gábor Farkas
Ágnes Farkasné Dobszay
Gyula Fekete
Balázs Fülei
Zsolt Körmendy
Dr. Csaba Kutnyánszky
Andrea Meláth
Dr. Gergely Ménesi
Veronika Oross
Dr. Lóránt Péteri
Boglárka Várkonyiné Terray


Member of the Senate selected by and representing employees working in other fields:

Olivia Gazsi


Delegates of the Students' Union:

Luca Balogh
Bálint Hollós
Martin Nagy
Zoltán István Németh
Emma Vámos


Representative of the PhD school:

Zsolt Máté Mészáros


Representative of Trade Union:

Balázs Tóth


The Chancellor, Attila Bertalan Kotán is also member of the Senate.



The prior agreement of the consisotry is required for the approval of the development plans of the institution, the annual budget and report, and the assets management plan. In certain issues the final decision still rests with the senate, but a topic can be submitted to it when this has been discussed. The activities of the consistory should promote the educational and research function of universities and an increase in the openness of these institutions to social and business life.

The president/rector and the chancellor are members of the consistory, three members are delegated by the minister responsible for education at the recommendation of the financial-social environment of the institution, the institution and the student union. Professionals conducting outstanding work in their own area and considering the university important can be delegated to the bodies. Members are appointed for a term lasting five years, they can be re-elected and they conduct their activities as social work.


Delegated Members of Liszt Academy's Consistory as of January 1, 2017:

  • Márton Devich, channel director of MTVA Bartók Rádió
  • László Gőz, trombonist, founder of the Budapest Music Center
  • Lajos Sós, economist specialist in corporate planning and analysis




  • President: Csaba Kutnyánszky (DLA) university professor (president)
  • Honorary President: Sándor Kovács (PhD) university professor (honorary president)
  • Balázs Déri (PhD) university professor, Eötvös University
  • Salamon Kamp (DLA) university professor
  • Katalin Komlós (DSc) Doctor of the MTA, professor emeritus
  • Katalin Kroó (DSc) Doctor of the MTA, university professor, ELTE
  • Edit Madas (DSc) corresponding member of the MTA, university professor, Pázmány Péter Catholic University
  • István Pávai (PhD) university professor
  • Lóránt Péteri (PhD) university professor
  • László Somfai (DSc) member of the MTA, professor emeritus
  • László Tihanyi (DLA) university professor
  • Andrea Vigh (DLA) university professor
  • László Vikárius (CSc) associate professor; senior research fellow, MTA BTK Institute for Musicology, Bartók Archive


  • President: Zoltán István Németh
  • More information:


  • President: Zsolt Máté Mészáros
  • Vice-president: Gabriella Murvai-Bőke


  • Student Welfare Committee
  • Equal Opportunities Committee
  • Ethics Committee
  • Admissions Appeals Committee
  • Student Disciplinary and Compensation Committee
  • Student Legal Redress Committee
  • Codification Committee
  • Credit Transfer Committee
  • Quality Management Committee
  • Education and Study Committee