I am not exaggerating when I say that, whatever I achieved as a musician, I owe more to Leó Weiner than to anyone else. ... To me, he remains an outstanding example of what a musician should be.

Sir Georg Solti

Organizational units and managers

President: Andrea Vigh, DLA

Chancellor: Attila Bertalan Kotán

Vice-President of Education: Csaba Kutnyánszky, DLA

Vice-President of Research and International Affairs: Fekete Gyula


You can find here the contact details of each organizational units.



Bartók Béla Secondary School of Music, Instrument Making and Repair

    Director: Szabolcs Benkő
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Chancellor's Office 

    Manager: Annamária Kelédi, J.D.


    - Bartók Béla Student Residence

        Director: András Zelena, PhD

    - Chancellor’s Cabinet and Archives

        Manager: Tamás Pál

    - Department of Human Resources and Payroll Accounting

        Head of Department: Erika Percze

     - Legal and Public Procurement Department

        Director of Legal Affairs: Annamária Kelédi, J.D.


Communications and Media Contents Directorate

    Director of Communications: Júlia Torda


Concert and Event Centre

    Programme Director: András Csonka

    - Artist Management
    - Coordination and Sales Department
    - Concert and Event Management



    - Chamber Music Department
    - Church Music Department
    - Composition Department
    - Conducting Department
    - Department of Teacher Education
    - Department of Vocal and Opera Studies
    - Folk Music Department
    - Jazz Department
    - Keyboard and Harp Department
    - Musicology Department
    - Music Theory Department
    - Strings Department
    - Woodwind and Brass Department


Doctoral School

    President of the Doctoral School: Sándor Kovács
    Head of the Doctoral School: Csaba Kutnyánszky, DLA
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Finance Directorate

    Director of Finance: Tünde Knapné Hanyecz

    - Controlling and Budget Department
    - Finance and Accounting Department


Internal Audit Unit

    Manager: Otília Budai


International Affairs and Development

    Deputy Head of Department: Balázs Jankus


Kodály Zoltán Musical Pedagogy Institute
Zoltán Kodály Memorial Museum

    Director: László Norbert Nemes, DLA
    → More information about the institute
    → More information about the museum



    Deputy Director: Mária Csanda
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Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum and Research Centre

    Director: Zsuzsanna Domokos
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Presidential Cabinet

    Head of Presidential Cabinet: Andrea Szántó


Study Department

    Head of Department: Olivia Gazsi


Technical and Asset Management Directorate

    Technical Director: Katalin Reményi

    - Audiovisual and Theater Technology Department

        Head of Department: Gergely Lakatos
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    - Instrument Repair Workshop and Storage Unit

        Head of Department: Balázs Szabó

    - IT Department

    - Operations and Procurement Department

       Head of Department: Gábor Tomozi