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What is the CEEPUS programme?


Available scholarships/mobility

How and when to apply

Off-network, Freemover scholarship type

Downloadable documents, useful links



What is the CEEPUS programme?

The CEEPUS programme is present in 16 countries in Central Europe, including several non-EU countries. The programme allows small university units (departments, faculties) to create networks in partner countries. Within the networks, short student and faculty mobility can be set up. In Hungary the CEEPUS programme is coordinated by the Tempus Közalapítvány.



The Winds of Central Europe (WoCE) Network was initiated and co-ordinated by the Woodwind and Brass Department of the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music within the CEEPUS programme. Under this scheme, students and teachers of the department are entitled to carry out various mobility programmes towards the partner institutions of the network.


More information about the network HERE


WoCE Network partner institutions:

  • Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music, Budapest – Department of Wind Instruments
  • Krzysztof Penderecki Academy of Music, Krakow – Woodwinds and Accordion Department
  • University of Arts in Belgrade – Faculty of Music
  • University of Ljubljana – Music Academy
  • University of Zagreb – Music Academy
  • University of Sarajevo – Academy of Music


Available scholarships/mobility for students/teachers of the Academy of Music in the WoCE network

Short-term Excursion:

  • Short-term excursions of 3-5 days for students to learn more about the professional work of the partner institutions abroad (in the form of lessons, concerts);
  • Application criteria: a motivation letter of at least 500 characters in English, to be uploaded on ceepus.info
  • Destinations for the academic year 2022/23: Ljubljana (4 persons), Belgrade (4 persons), Sarajevo (4 persons)


  • Teacher/lecturer mobility for study visits, research, master classes
  • Destination for the academic year 2022/23: Sarajevo (1 person)

All types of mobility are free of charge and supported by scholarships.


Application procedure and conditions

  • You can apply via the website www.ceepus.info (Click HERE for a detailed description)
  • 2 semesters completed before departure
  • Active student status during the scholarship period
  • CEEPUS nationality*
  • the applicant cannot travel to the same country as his/her own nationality or place of residence with a CEEPUS grant
  • support from the institutional coordinator or network coordinator/partner of the network concerned 
  • during the period of stay, the carrying out of an activity corresponding to the type of mobility is obligatory
  • not receive any other grant during the scholarship period (exclusion of double funding) 

For more information, please visit the Tempus Public Foundation website.


Important deadlines:

  • 15 June – application deadline for the autumn semester of the academic year 2022/23
  • 15 October – deadline for applications for the spring semester of the 2022/23 academic year



Scholarship rates vary by host country and mobility type. For more information, please visit www.ceepus.info/contact for a breakdown by member country.


Freemover scholarship type

As a Freemover, it is possible to apply to all participating countries for the spring semester, as national agencies will only allocate scholarships to Freemover applicants from the previously unused monthly budget in the network.  The number of months to be allocated will be aggregated by the national office of the host country after the second round of networking has been evaluated at the end of November. Some countries will also host freemover scholars in the autumn semester, a call for applications will be published on our website in early summer. 

Freemover applicants will be entitled to the same tuition fee waiver and scholarship amounts as network mobility.

Once the application form has been filled in correctly, two types of documents will be uploaded with the application:

  • Letter of Acceptance – 1 letter of acceptance from the host institution
  • Letter of Recommendation – 2 letters of recommendation from two lecturers at the home institution 

The forms can be downloaded from www.ceepus.info. They cannot be replaced by other documents. They must be signed and stamped by the institution. 


Downloadable documents, useful links

CEEPUS official site, online application

Hungarian CEEPUS Office (Tempus Közalapítvány)



Csaba Pálfi – Senior Lecturer (Woodwind and Brass Department), network coordinator



Balázs Jankus – Head of Department (International Affiairs and Development), institutional coordinator