Our Students Say

“In the Liszt Academy I have met great teachers and classmates. I have the opportunity to sing in the most beautiful concert hall in Europe. And I am really proud to study at a school founded by Liszt Ferenc.”

Ninh Long
opera singing

“The Liszt Academy, a holy palace for music, is a perfect place to realize music dreams. It is also a great encouragement for my future career. ”

Liu Xiao Xi

“For me the Liszt Academy is an opening to the classical music world, full of encouraging, charming and helpful professors. I feel the atmosphere helps me to find myself in music, in life and in my future. I am very grateful to be part of this culture, which makes the Liszt Academy the best university I have ever had.”

Winni Wan-Chun Tsou
piano accompanist and repetiteur

“During these two years while I’ve been a viola student at the Strings Department, at the Liszt Academy I’ve had the chance to participate in masterclasses that were held by internationally acclaimed maestros. I find it a fantastic opportunity to learn from such great artists as Nobuko Imai, Ettore Causa, Maxim Rysanov, Hartmut Rohde, etc., whose courses are very difficult to attend otherwise.”

András Kurgyis


Photo: Andrea Felvégi / Liszt Academy

“You can come and do schoolwork here whenever you want, regardless of classes and professors. I always get satisfactory answers to my questions even if they were not put by me. This is a real University, where – though there are fewer „straps” to hold on to than at secondary school, there are still plenty compared to real life – I can plan, brainstorm and create freely. Each of my professional moves is watched carefully, so I can make personal progress.”

István Márkus
music theory and choir conducting

“For me the Liszt Academy is a master institution of music in a global sense. As a pianist still learning my art, I have gained priceless knowledge from a wide selection of fantastic piano and chamber music teachers. As a pianist at the dawn of my musical career, I have had the oportunity to perform abroad thanks to an amazing team of people at the foreign relations department. As a pianist wanting to hear world-class musicians at live concerts, I have had the opportunity to hear them in house thanks to the academy being one of Europe´s most prestigious concert venues. Hopefully, the future still holds big things for the Liszt Academy.”

Jan Vojtek

“During my studies at the Liszt Academy of Music I have had amazing opportunities to meet people (teachers and Hungarian and international students) who have changed many important things in my life. They have shown me new ways of thinking. Thanks to all of them I have realised that everything is possible and I have learned a lot about myself and the many opportunities of a musician life. I can´t imagine my professional life in music without all these experiences and the big support of my teachers and friends at the Academy.”

Gabriela Jílková

“Studying at the Liszt Academy is a privilege. It is an institution where we can acquire our profession while enjoying a vast array of possibilities already during our student years. It has a concert centre where we can take the stage in the footsteps of our role models or even alongside them. Our teachers don’t only develop our skills and competencies, but, as outstanding musicians, they also prepare us for real life. This time at the Liszt Academy seems almost too short to absorb everything from this institution where Bartók and Kodály once used to teach.”

Jessica Kindlinger


Áramlatok projekt zårókoncert
Photo: István Bielik / Liszt Academy