Kodály's method of teaching music is brilliant …. All good music-making begins with the voice.

Sir Georg Solti

Full-time programmes

Main subject classes are in English (see list below).

Group lessons are also held in English, however, certain major specific lessons might be held in mixed Hungarian-English or  Hungarian only, when Hungarian and international students need to be grouped together due to their small number.

Full-time tuition is offered in English for the majors listed below.

In case of non-instrumental majors, tuition is only offered in English if there are a minimum of 3 international students admitted in a given year to the same major.

Main subject and other one-to-one classes might be taken in German, based upon previous agreement with teachers who speak German.

Most Full-Time Programmes lead to (6-semester) BA and (4-semester) MA degrees. There are two 2-semester full-time artist diploma programmes: the Soloist Programme for Pianists and the Chamber Music Programme for Pianists and Strings.

For international students, music pedagogues and choral conductors, the Kodály Institute of the Liszt Academy in Kecskemét offers a comprehensive non-degree and an MA degree programme in English in Kodály Music Pedagogy, along with the biennial summer seminars.

PhD and DLA programmes are currently available in Hungarian only, but in certain fields they are planned to start in English in the near future.



Keyboards (BA, MA, Soloist programme)

Piano – BA, MA, Soloist Programme (BA course description; MA course description)
MA Piano Accompaniment and Repetition (course description)

Strings (BA, MA)

Violin (BA course description; MA course description)
Viola (BA course description; MA course description)
Cello (MA course description)
Double bass (BA course description; MA course description)

Vocal and Opera Studies (BA, MA)

BA Classical Singing (course description)
MA Oratorio and Lied (course description)
MA Opera (course description)

Woodwind and Brass (BA, MA)

French Horn

Others (BA, MA)


Chamber Music (Postgraduate)

Violin and Piano Duo
Viola and Piano Duo

Cello and Piano Duo
Violin and Cello Duo
Violin, Cello, Piano Trio
Violin, Viola, Cello Trio
String Quartet
String Sextet
Piano Quartet
Piano Quintet
Piano Duo of two Pianos
Piano Four Hands

Non-instrumental majors (Ba, MA)

Composition (BA course description; MA course description)
Kodály Music Education
Orchestral and Choral Conducting


Curriculum of each full-time programme