Application Procedure for European Union Citizens

When applying for our full-time Bachelor (BA) or Master (MA) studies, citizens of the European Union can apply for two different study statuses, which are:
  • state-subsidised scholarship studies (in Hungarian only)
  • self-financed studies
The application deadline for the state-subsidised scholarship is mid-February each year.


Applying for this status is possible only via the Hungarian higher education application centre
Since all Hungarian applicants are obliged to apply via this website regardless of the University they select, the application procedure has to be started well before the deadline. Once you have registered, additional documents might be requested from you.
The application form and all information and requests sent to you after the registration are in a standardized, Hungarian form.
Please note that we have only a small number of state-subsidised study places and that the entry examinations are highly competitive.
Hungarian applicants usually have at least 10-11 years of intensive practical and theoretical musical training behind them before trying to enter the Academy and are thus well acquainted with our music education system. You will be facing a large number of well prepared applicants competing for a small number of state-subsidised places.
Please also note that the International Sub-Department's staff are not in the position to help applicants with the application process.
By enrolling in a state-subsidized program, you agree to the conditions prescribed by the Hungarian law, listed in detail on this page (in Hungarian).


If you pass the entrance examination and you are offered a state-subsidised study place, the language of your study program is officially registered as Hungarian. This will also appear in your diploma as the official language of your study programme. State-subsidised students receive a merit-based monthly monetary scholarship from the second semester in addition to being exempt from paying a tuition fee.
If you want to increase your chances of getting a study place, you are advised to consider applying for a self-financed study place, as well. When filling out the application form at, you have the option of indicating that you are interested in both state-subsidised and self-financed study places. If you forget to indicate this and apply for a state-subsidised place only, you might not be offered a place as a self-financed student, regardless of the results of your entry examinations.
You can find an English language sample of the scholarship contract that you have to sign after receiving the scholarship here.


If you miss the application deadline for applying throught the higher education application centre, you can still send your application for self-financed studies in English language programmes to the Study Department of the Liszt Academy until 31 March (each year) for the given application fee. You will find the application form for self-financed studies, and the list of additional documents to be submitted here.