Call for Erasmus+ Program of Academic Year 2023/24

7 February 2023

Application for Outgoing Students for the Autumn and/or Spring Semester.


The aim of application is to enable students to gain educational, professional, cultural, and language experiences through mobility in partner countries of Erasmus+ mobility program. 



for the autumn, or spring semester or the whole academic year: 11 April 2024



You can apply online HERE.



Any student of Liszt Ferenc Academy who is registered for either BA, MA or Doctorate Programme in the semester of mobility is eligible to apply for Erasmus+. Students who study in the framework of „Stipendium Hungaricum” or „Hungarian Diaspora” scholarship programmes are not entitled for Erasmus+ because of their lability of their original scholarship agreement.

Students who take part in Erasmus+ mobility program must have an active student status in the sending institution during the semester of mobility. BA students can apply only after they successfully completed two semesters at Liszt Academy before the actual start of their mobility.

Those students who are registered for two or more study programmes at the same time need to indicate on the application form in which study programme they apply for the mobility.



  • Student mobility for studies, duration: 2–12 months
  • Combination of studies and traineeship, duration: 2–12 months
  • Student mobility for traineeship, duration 2–12 months

Every applicant can hand in the application to 3 different higher education institutions that have valid inter-institutional agreement with Liszt Academy for student mobility. (see  Partner Institutions).  It is the applicant’s responsibility to make sure before application whether the receiving institution has any special requirements concerning the mobility (language of education, language skills, Transcript) apart from the requirements of Liszt Academy.

It is also the applicant’s responsibility to check the following information at the receiving universities’ website before application:

  • the list of available subjects in the semester(s) of mobility
  • the language of education
  • the way of application (most universities require on-line application)
  • the deadline of application

The applicant must share the above information with the Erasmus coordinator when handing in the application at the sending university.



Applicant must keep in mind that the amount of Erasmus scholarship will cover only some part of the actual expenses of living, so the student must pay for the rest of the expenses.

The amount of scholarship depends on the classification of the country where the institute can be found. This may vary according to differences in living costs between Hungary and the destination country.

Additional funding:

  • based on special social conditions 250 euro/month
  • for students with physical, mental and health-related conditions (contribution based on real costs)



You can apply online HERE.



Kovács Kristóf
Erasmus+ coordinator
E-mail: erasmus[at]
Address: Budapest, Hungary, Wesselényi u. 52. Office 106.



Decision is made by the management of the sending institution during March in the given academic year. Following this the student can apply at the receiving institution according to their requirements and at the same time the Erasmus coordinator will nominate the applicant.

After the student is accepted the sending institution will sign a grant agreement with him/her. Students may contact the receiving institution for advice in connection with accommodation.

The amount of the scholarship depends on the number of months/days spent abroad. In case of incomplete months the amount will be calculated from the first actual day of the mobility (registration) until the last day of tuition or the exam period. The amount of the scholarship is calculated in euro. If the student has euro bank account the scholarship can be transferred to that account, otherwise the Hungarian State Treasury will convert the amount to Hungarian forints and the student will get the money transferred to his/her forint account. It is advisable to have euro account.

The student has to ask for individual study plan at the Study Department and check the possibilities of credit transfer with the appropriate colleague of the department even before travelling.

All students who travel abroad must have a „European Health Insurance Card”, which can be issued (free) at the local office of the National Health Insurance Fund of Hungary (NEAK). Students must present a school certificate, ID card and the social security card also known as „TAJ kártya” to obtain the European Health Insurance Card. This card gives access to medically necessary state provided health care under the same conditions and at the same costs as people insured in that country and also covers the urgently needed medical treatments during the mobility. For more information please check Before mobility it is advisable to check the concerning rules for Erasmus students at the websites of the different foreign universities.

After the mobility the final ‘transcript of records’ certifies the completed subjects. It must be handed in at the Credit Transfer Committee for recognition.