Kodály's method of teaching music is brilliant …. All good music-making begins with the voice.

Sir Georg Solti

Strings Department

Head of Department:

Kristóf Baráti

violinist, associate professor


Violin Sub-Department

Area Leader:
Ádám Banda senior lecturer

Classical Violin (BA, MA), programme leader: Kristóf Baráti associate professor

Viola Sub-Department

Area Leader:
Péter Bársony associate professor

Classical Viola (BA, MA), programme leader: Péter Bársony associate professor


Cello Sub-Department

Area Leader:
Ditta Rohmann senior lecturer

Classical cello (BA, MA), programme leader: Ditta Rohmann senior lecturer

Double Bass Sub-Department

Area Leader:
Péter Kubina senior lecturer

Double bass (BA, MA), programme leader: Péter Kubina associate professor

Guitar Sub-department:

Area leader:
Dr József Eötvös professor
Classical Guitar
(BA, MA), programme leader: Dr József Eötvös professor

Early Music Sub-Department:

Area Leader:
György Vashegyi associate professor

Baroque Violin (MA)
Baroque Flute (MA)
Baroque Oboe (MA)
Harpsichord (MA)
Fortepiano (MA)
Postgraduate Specialist Training Programme in Historical Performance: voice, violin, cello, flute


Leader of the teacher's training programme: Zsófia Járdányi associate professor