Admission requirements for BA – Electronic Music Media

Please note that Electronic music media BA will not be launched in English in the academic year 2024/25.
In case of non-instrumental majors, tuition is only offered in English if there are a minimum of 3 international students admitted in a given year to the same major.

Main Subject

  • Portfolio of the candidate’s musical compositions (live performance or recordings)
  • Realization and introduction of an approximately 1 minute-long etude composed with Audacity and SPEAR softwares. The candidate has a maximum of 2 hours for the composition of the etude.


Compulsory SUBJECTS


Written exam:

  • Special aural preparedness test (recognition and memorization of intervals and timbre)
  • General test:
    • intelligence, general knowledge of music and arts, and computer competences
    • knowledge of acoustics and mathematics – 1. advanced knowledge of orthogonal coordinate systems and the sine function; 2. advanced knowledge of the physics of acoustics (as per the requirements of the Hungarian school leaving exam)
    • Electroacoustic music competence test (see the list below)
  • Notation of an excerpt (8-12 measures) of a two-part baroque (or Viennese classical) piece by ear. The excerpt will be played 8-10 times.
  • Notation of a one-part excerpt (8-10 measures) of a 20th-century piece. The excerpt will be played 8-10 times.
  • Interval practice test, notation of tonal intervallic successions, triads, and their inversions from given notes (the exercise will be played 2-3 times)
  • Rhythm notation (the exercise will be played 6-8 times)


Oral exam:

  • Sight reading of a baroque or classical melody – Literature: Agócsy László: Szolfézs középfok II-III. (Editio Musica Budapest), Olvasókönyv a szolmizálóknak J.S. Bach műveiből (Editio Musica Budapest)
  • Singing intervals, triads, and their inversions from given notes
  • Clapping of rhythmic patterns after hearing



Demonstration of piano proficiency, or another acoustic or electronic instrument proficiency.


  • One piece from Bach: Eighteen Little Preludes
  • First movement of a classical sonatina (Sheet music: Könnyű szonatinák (EMB 2719), 15 könnyű szonáta, Szonatina album (EMB 1280))
  • A piece of the candidate’s choice from Béla Bartók’s Microcosmos II



  • Informal conversation about the folk music of the candidate's country.


List of pieces and movies:

Pieces of music:

  • Pierre Henry-Pierre Schaeffer: Symphonie pour un homme seul
  • John Cage: 4’33”
  • Karlheinz Stockhausen: Kontakte (Nr. 12 1/2)
  • Bernard Parmeggiani: Ondes Croises
  • Jonathan Harvey: Mortous Plango
  • Edgar Varése: Ionisation
  • Jean-Claude Risset: Songes
  • Steve Reich: Different Trains
  • Alvin Lucier: I Am Sitting in a Room
  • Helmut Lachenmann: Pression
  • Georg Friderich Haas: Ein Schattenspiel
  • László Vidovszky: Autokoncert



  • Norman McLaren: Neighbours
  • Zoltán Huszárik: Homage to Old Ladies - with original sound (music: Zoltán Jeney)
  • Stanley Kubrick: 2001 A Space Odyssey
  • Thierry de Mey: Rosas danst Rosas/ Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker
  • Peter Strickland: Berberian Sound Studio
  • Denis Villeneuve: Arrival
  • Andrew Stanton: Wall-E (sound designer: Ben Burtt)
  • György Pálfi: Hukkle (sound designer: Tamás Zányi)