Baroque Oboe admission requirements for MA studies

The programme is not available for the academic year 2024/2025.

Main subject


Geminiani: Sonata in E minor


Telemann: Sonata in A minor or Sonata in B Major


Händel: Sonata in F Major or the Fitzwilliam Sonata in B Major.



F. Couperin: 2 or 3 movements from either the Concerts Royaux or Les Goûts-Réunis collection


Hotteterre: minimum 2, but maximum 4 freely chosen Suite-movements


J. S. Bach: One Aria or Sinfonia movement from a Cantata or other vocal compositions (in case of an Aria please try to find a singer to perform with)


at least one fast and one slow movement of a baroque Concerto for oboe (for instance those by Vivaldi, Albinoni, Platti or Marcello).


Minimum requirements regarding the oboe you use at the entry examination:

1.) Baroque instrument.

2.) Tuning: 415'.

Playing from scores at the entry examination is allowed. The applicant can perform with her/his regular chamber partner or ask the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music to provide an accompanist. In the four weeks preceding the entry examination the Academy will organize a minimum of 2 times 2 hours of practicing in order to try out the master copy of the Pascal Taskin harpsichord which will be used for accompaniment during the entry examination (copy by instrument maker František Vyhnálek; tuning: 415'). Appointments for practicing with a chamber partner or an accopmanist provided by the Liszt Academy will be made with each candidate individually.


Music theory (written examination)

Harmonization of a bass line – length approx. 10 notes – and definition of chords by writing the fitting figures.



Formal analysis of an opening movement in sonata form stylistically related to piano sonatas of Haydn and Mozart.


General knowledge in music

a. Identification of 10 compositions – minimum is to recognize the epoch or style in which the piece was composed and its genre, but the applicant should also recognize the composer and the title.

b. Explanation and interpretation of 10 music terms, concepts, titles, etc.

Applicants for part-time studies need to pass the entry examination in their main subject only!

For further information please contact György Vashegyi at e-mail