Information about Instrument Rental

23 January 2024

new online appointment making schedule as of January 2024

Dear Students,

Based on the rules of instrument rental, active students of the Academy may use the services of the instrument rental office, while passive students may submit a request to be able to use the servies based on the decision of the Vice-President of Education (the relevant forms are available at the rental office).

In order to make the processes more efficient, the Academy introduced an online appointment making system.

Under the new system the following steps must be followed:

  1. making an appointment for in person consultation here, please click "Hangszerkölcsönzés" then "Foglalás indítása" to start the process
  2. in person consultation at the instrument rental office (1066 Budapest, Teréz krt. 2., 2nd floor, door 3, door bell: 50):
    choosing the instrument, filling in the necessary documents
  3. rental requests are to be submitted in Neptun (the guide will be sent in e-mail)
  4. the signed document(s) of the student must be photographed or scanned, and attached to the request
  5. signing the contract and receiving the instrument at the rental office (3-5 days after attaching the signed documents)
  6. paying the rental fee in Neptun or by transfer (within 8 days after receiving the instrument)

In case you have questions, please reach out to the person in charge at the rental office:

Ms. Borbála Vitányi / instrument rental administrator
+36 70 984 1824