Jazz Bass Guitar admission requirements for non-degree studies

  • Presentation of scales (major, minor, harmonic and melodic minor) and triads in small and large arpeggiation.
  • Three popular jazz standards of different tempo and character (ballad, latin, swing, etc.). Playing the melody of the theme according to bass accompaniment and to the original harmonisation. Soloistic improvisation. 
  • Playing blues: in medium tempo, in relatively simple keys. Accompaniment, improvisation as for the usual blues harmonisation is not required.
  • Playing about 15 jazz standards from memory.  Only the accompaniment is required according to the original harmonisation. The repertoire must be presented to the examination panel in the exam material submitted by the candidate.
  • Playing accompaniments of different characters (swing, 8/8, Latin, jazz-rock, etc.) on the harmony line given at the exam.
  • Identification of bass notes given with piano accords and played according to functional order by ear.
  • Stylistic sight reading of simple classical or jazz motives.

Piano accompaniment is provided by the department, but the candidate has to bring the notes – transposed for the given key, suitable for piano accompaniment.