Jazz Piano admisson requirements for non-degree studies

Classical piano:

  • 2 pieces chosen from the partitas and suites from ‘Wohltemperies Klavier' by J. S. Bach.
  • 1 movement of a Viennese classical sonata
  • 1 romantic style piano piece (preferably Chopin or Liszt).
  • 3 pieces by Bartók: to be chosen from the 5th or 6th volume of Mikrokosmos or other 20th century (or contemporary) piano piece of the same level of difficulty


Jazz piano:

  • The solo performance of thee well known jazz standards in different tempos (slow, medium and fast) and styles (the structure should be: introduction-theme-improvisation-theme-coda), alternatively with own reharmonization of the applicant.
  • The demonstration of the previously performed 3 standards in the following manner: two-hand voicings, right hand with chords, left hand with walking bass style accompaniment
  • Repertoire-like knowledge of 10 well-known jazz standards by heart. The structure should be: theme (with stylistic performance) -improvisation- theme.
  • Major and minor blues improvisation and accompaniment in different keys.
  • Improvisation on cadential chord changes at sight, given during the exam (such as:  II-V-I-VI) in different major and minor keys.
  • Sight reading of a two-hand piano piece and a lead sheet .

The detailed documentation of the repertoire should be submitted to the exam committee.