Jazz Saxophone admission requirements for non-degree studies

Classical flute or clarinet

  • Two etudes, or one etude and performance piece with or without sheet music (accompaniment needs to be provided by the candidate)

Jazz saxophone

  • Presenting major, melodic and harmonic minor scales in different tempos and phrasings (staccato, legato, etc.) until 6# and 6b key signatures.
  • Performance of 3 popular jazz standards in different tempos (slow, medium, fast) and in different styles (ballad, latin, swing and odd-meter). The structure should be:  theme-improvisation-theme. A piano accompanist is provided by the examination committee, however, the applicant is asked to bring the sheet music (lead sheet) for the piano accompaniment.
  • Performance of a solo  transcription of a well known saxophone master  (C. Parker, D. Gordon, J. Coltrane, M. Brecker, etc). The transcription should be played along the original recording. A copy of the sheet music is to be submitted to the examination committee.
  • Repertoire-like knowledge of 10 well-known jazz standards by heart. The structure should be: theme (with stylistic performance)-improvisation-theme.
  • Blues improvisation in various tempos, in three keys (C, F, B flat major).
  • Sight-reading of a motif handed to the applicant at the examination, preferably with phrasing appropriate for the style.