Jazz Trombone admission requirements for non-degree studies

Classical trombone

  • Major and harmonic minor scales in different tempos and styles – staccato, legato - , in simpler keys.
  • 2 etudes from the 2nd volume of Kopprasch's edition.
  • 2 pieces at the choice of the candidate. (For example, Saint-Saens: Kavatina; Sachse: Concerto; Gafe: Concerto; De La Nux: Concerto; Spinelli: Concerto or pieces of similar difficulty.)


Jazz trombone

  • Solistic performance of three popular jazz standards (theme-improvisation-theme) of different tempo (slow, medium, fast) and character (ballad, Latin, swing, pair and impair metrum). Piano accompaniment is provided by the department, but the candidate has to bring the notes – suitable for piano accompaniment.
  • Blues improvisation with simple harmonies in various tempos and in simpler keys.
  • Playing about 10 jazz standards in original harmonisation from memory.  (Presentation of themes with stylistic phrasing, without improvisation)
  • Sight reading of a motive possibly with stylistic phrasing, given at the exam.