Jazz Trumpet admission requirements for non-degree studies

Classical trumpet

  • Major and harmonic minor scales in different tempos and styles – staccato, legato - , in simpler keys.
  • 2 etudes from the Arban edition, from the 14 etudes.
  • 2 trumpet concertos at the choice of the candidate. (Selected from the final exam materials of the Secondary School of Music.)

Jazz trumpet

  • Solistic performance of three popular jazz standards (theme-improvisation-theme) of different tempo (slow, medium, fast) and character (ballad, Latin, swing, pair and impair metrum). Piano accompaniment is provided by the department, but the candidate has to bring the notes – suitable for piano accompaniment.
  • The stylistic performance of a noted improvisation (1-2 phrase). Transcripts by excellent trumpet players (Clifford Brown, Miles Davis, Freddie Hubbard, etc.) may be played only. One copy of the noted transcript must be submitted to the examination panel. (Should the candidate fail to procure the materials, they can be borrowed for copying at the Trumpet Section of the Jazz Department.)
  • Blues improvisation with simple harmonies in various tempos and in simpler keys.
  • Playing about 10 jazz standards in original harmonisation from memory.  (Presentation of themes with stylistic phrasing, without improvisation)
  • Sight reading of a motive possibly with stylistic phrasing, given at the exam.