Jazz Voice admission requirements for non-degree studies

Classical singing:

  • 2 lied songs from different musical eras
  • 1 folk song without accompaniment

Recommended literature:

  • Kerényi: Énekiskola I., II., III.
  • Ádám: Masters of Songs I., II., III.

Jazz singing

  • Pentatonic scales and its modes and modal scales in a key chosen by the candidate.
  • Singing of three different minor (aeolian, harmonic-, and melodic minor) scales in a key chosen by the candidate.
  • Singing of five type of four note chords (dominant 7, major 7, minor maj 7, minor 7, minor75b)  from root positions and inversions in a key chosen by the candidate.
  • Performance of one Afro-American folklore piece –blues, spiritual, labour song, ballad– with own piano accompaniment.
  • Performance of  three popular jazz standards in different tempos (slow, medium, fast) and in different styles (ballad, latin, swing and odd-meter) in English language, with scat imporvisation after the theme. [The examination committee provides the piano accompaniment, but the applicant is asked to bring the sheet music (lead sheet)  for the piano accompaniment.]
  • Jazz repertoire: presentation of 10 jazz standards by heart –theme in original language. 1-2 standards could possibly be performed with own piano accompaniment. (The candidate must bring the lead sheet.)