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Liszt to Antal Augusz

Barnabás Kelemen chamber music master class at the Liszt Academy

21 February 2023

Dates & venues:

Monday 6 March 2023, 10.00–16.00, Liszt Academy Main Building, Room X

Tuesday 7 March 2023, 10.00–16.00, Liszt Academy Main Building, Room XXIII

Wednesday 8 March 2023, 10.00–15.30, Liszt Academy Main Building, Room X


Participation & application:

Active participants:

  • Only chamber music groups (string quartets, or other groups with at least one string member) formed by students of the Liszt Academy may apply with all members’ names, their instruments, and pieces to be performed at the master class. You can apply using the online form below.
  • Application deadline: Wednesday 1 March 2023, Midnight

Passive participants:

  • Only students and teachers of the Liszt Academy and the Bartók Konzi can participate in the course as passive participants! Prior registration is not required.
  • The University will not issue a certificate of attendance for passive participants.

Online application for active participants: