Frédérick Haas Harpsichord Master Class at the Liszt Academy

3 April 2023


Monday 17 April 2023, 9:00–17:00

Tuesday 18 April 2023, 9:00–17:00



Old Academy of Music, Chamber Hall

(H-1064 Budapest, Vörösmarty str. 35.)


Participation options

Active participants:

  • Active participants are harpsichord students of the Liszt Academy.
  • Pre-registration is not required.

Passive participants:

  • Students of the Liszt Academy and the Bartók Conservatoire, as well as students of the Hungarian conservatoires can participate as passive participants, up to the capacity of the hall.
  • To apply, please fill in the online application form below.
  • The University will not issue a certificate of attendance for passive participants.
  • Application deadline: Wednesday 12 April 2023