Roberto Carlos Noche García & Óscar Araújo Comesaña Clarinet-Bassoon Master Class at the Liszt Academy

16 February 2024

Professors from the Conservatorio Superior De Música De Vigo will be hosted by the Woodwind & Brass Department of the Liszt Academy from 20 to 22 February.

The masterclass is open to all as passive participants and admission is free of charge. Students of the Liszt Academy and the Bartók Konzi can participate without registration, all other passive participants must register using the form HERE by 12 A.M. on 19 February (Monday) (if you cannot enter an institution, please enter NONE in the box).

The University will not issue a certificate for the course.



Tuesday 20 February 2024
9.00–14.00, Room XXIII: Prof. Roberto Noche, Prof. Severino Ortiz 
9.00–14.00, Room I: Prof. Óscar Arújo 

Wednesday 21 February 2024
9.00–14.00, Room I: Prof. Roberto Noche, Prof. Severino Ortiz 
9.00–14.00, Room X: Prof. Óscar Arújo 

Thursday 22 February 2024
9.00–10.30, Room X: Prof. Roberto Noche, Prof. Severino Ortiz 
11.00–14.00, Room X: Zenekari meghallgatás, Prof. Roberto Noche, Prof. Severino Ortiz Prof. Óscar Arújo 


The detailed schedule is available HERE.


Roberto Carlos Noche García (clarinet) 

Roberto Carlos Noche García (1974, Narón – Galicia) studied at the Conservatorio Superior de Música de A Coruña where he received the Undergraduate and Bachelor’s degree Honorary Awards. Subsequently he expanded his training at L'Escola de Música de Barcelona with Joan Enric Lluna. In 2007 he obtained the Diploma of Advanced Studies at the University of Vigo and in 2014 he completed the Master Degree in Musical Research at the Valencian International University. Wolfgang Meyer, José Luis Estellés, Andrew Marriner, Carles Riera, Colin Lawson, Eric Hoeprich and Lorenzo Coppola have also greatly influenced his understanding of musicianship. 

He has been a member of various concert bands and youth orchestras such as JONDE (Spanish National Youth Orchestra) or XOGA (Galician Youth Orchestra). In the field of chamber music, the projects with the Voluntas Ensemble stand out. In 2000 he was a finalist in the Young Performers Competition of the Pedro Barrié de la Maza Foundation. 

As a jury member, he was part of the Portuguese-Spanish Clarinet Competition in Fafe (Portugal) in 2009 and all editions of the Clarinet Competition “Cidade de Ourense” (Spain). He was a board member of ADEC (Spanish Clarinet Association) until 2022 and is a member of the ICA (International Clarinet Association). 

In 1995, he was appointed as clarinet teacher at the Conservatorio Superior de Música de Vigo. Since 2015 he holds the position of Head of Studies as well. 


Óscar Araújo Comesaña (bassoon) 

Óscar Araújo Comesaña began his musical studies at the age of 8 in the specialty of saxophone finishing his higher education at the Conservatorio Superior de Música de Vigo. Afterwards he starts his bassoon career and in 2003 Araújo graduated from the Conservatorio Superior de Música de Salamanca with David Tomás Realp. Furthermore, he receives masterclasses from Lenny Hindell (New York Philharmonic), Vicenzo Menghini, Steve Wrangler (Galicia Symphonic Orchestra), Juan Carlos Otero (Galicia Real Filharmonia). 

As a teacher point out his activity at the Music School of Viana do Castelo(Portugal) and Conservatorio Superior de Música de la Coruña. Nowadays he is the bassoon professor in the Conservatorio Superior de Música de Vigo. 

Araújo starts his orchestral activity at the School of the Galicia Symphonic Orchestra and High School of Music from Galicia Real Filharmonia. Afterwards he becomes a bassoonist in the Vigo Classical Orchestra and collaborator with the Galicia Real Filharmonia, 430 Orchestra, Galicia Symphonic Orchestra and its Chamber Orchestra. 


Severino Manuel Ortiz Rey (zongora)

Born in Pontevedra, he receives his most precious pinaistic education from Prof. Vladimira Smausová. After achieving Piano and Chamber Music High degree Diplomas in Conservatorio Superior de Música de Vigo, he gets postgraduate education in Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Prag (Czech Republic) with Prof. Dagmar Simonkova and Prof. Frantisek Maly (1998-2000). As a soloist, he has collaborated with "Vigo 430", "Clásica de Vigo" and "Filharmónica de Pontevedra" orchestras, performing Beethoven´s 3rd, 4th and 5th, Liszt´s 1st, Chopin´s 1st and Poulenc Two pianos concerto. 

As a chamber music performer, he enjoys colaborating very often with Ensemble 430 and playing with soloists such as Rusanda Panfili, Lir Vaginsky, Lea Hennino, Cristina Goicea, Virginia Lis and Sindy Mohamed. He also develops important projects with violinist Mario Peris and clarinetist Roberto Noche, with whom he has played music of galician contemporary composers Jacobo Gaspar and Octavio Vázquez in the context of Erasmus+ (Vilnius, Belgrado, Tirana, 2017-2019).