Gergely Fazekas

Gergely Fazekas

Doctoral School, Musicology Department

17th and 18th Century Music, DLA Seminar, History of Western and Hungarian Music as Main Subject, History of Western Music

Born: 1977, Budapest

Academic degree: PhD (title of doctoral dissertation: The two cultures of J.S. Bach and the music form)

University position: associate professor

Subjects: General history of music (for students of instruments); 17-18th century music (for students of musicology); Music publicist (for students of musicology); History of Hungarian music (for foreign students)                     

2005-2012: Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music; doctoral school (PhD)
2007-2008: Erasmus College (Budapest)
2000-2005: Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music; musicology major
2001-2002: Conservatoire nationale supérieur de musique de Paris; musicology major (with 3-trimester Erasmus scholarship)
1997-2000: Eötvös Loránd University, Faculty of Humanities; Hungarian major
1996-2000: Eötvös Loránd University, Faculty of Humanities; philosophy major
1991-1996: Illyés Gyula Grammar School (Budaörs)

Teaching and professional activities:
2013- : Coordinator of Liszt Academy youth programmes (Liszt Kidz Academy)
2013- : Editor of Liszt Academy publications
2013- : Senior lecturer, Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music
2012- : Editor in Chief: Rózsavölgyi és Társa Publishers
2012-2013: Editor in Chief: Müpa Magazine
2012-2013 Musicology advisor and presenter for the Debussy series organized by Zoltán Kocsis in Müpa Budapest (Life of Debussy in six movements)
2011 Wanderer – in the footsteps of Ferenc Liszt secondary school contest – principal organizer
2011- : Lecturer, Aquincum Institute of Technology (course title: Hungarian Music in a Central European Context)
2009-2010: Art coordinator at the Liszt Academy
2009: Lecturer, International Business School (course title: Music)
2009: Radio presenter, Rádió Café (title of programme: Capriccio)
2008-2013: Assistant professor, Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music
2006-2008: Lecturer, Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music
2005-2006: Radio presenter, Bartók Radio (course title: Musical Morning)
2005-2006: Concert organization for the Liszt Academy
2005- : Art Reviews (Bartók Radio – Music Work of the Week; Müpa Budapest; Hungarian National Philharmonic; Strém concert, Jakobi concert, notes included with recording)
2004-2010: Editing and writing programme guides for the Budapest Autumn Festival
2004: Proofreading of catalogue of Mahler concerts for volume 4 of the Mahler biography by Henry-Louis de La Grange
2004: Half-year course at the College for Advanced Studies in Social Theory (TEK) of Budapest University of Economics – Crisis of tonality, bankruptcy of bourgeois society – in the footsteps of Adorno
2003- : Music essays (Népszabadság, Muzsika, Bartók Radio – Új zenei újság, Élet és irodalom,, Hangjegyzet)
2003-2004: History of music lectures at the TV director class of the Academy of Drama and Film

Publication notes (2015)

‘Cello suite universe’ – three lectures on cello suites of J.S. Bach at BMC: 1st lecture2nd lecture, 3rd lecture (2015)

‘The Goldberg Code’ – three lectures on J.S. Bach’s Goldberg Variations at BMC: 1st lecture2nd lecture, 3rd lecture (2014) video report on history of music classes at the Liszt Academy (2013)

Interview in the Liszt Academy Student Union journal (2012)

Radio lecture on Mozart’s Piano Concerto in D minor K.466 on Bartók Rádió ‘Music Talk’ programme (excerpts, 2012)