Bank of China 2023/2024 scholarship winners announced

8 June 2023

Instrumental and vocal performing arts students of the Liszt Academy of Music could apply for the grant, here are the ten successful applicants.

The Bank of China together with the Friends of The Liszt Academy of Music and the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music founded the scholarship with the aim of supporting the musical education of the highly talented Hungarian and international students of the Liszt Academy, here are the recipients:

Ádám Balogh
HungaryMA II. Classical Piano
Marianna Balogh
HungaryOT II. Folk Plucked Instruments [Citera-Koboz-Tekerő] – Folk Singing
Chen, LeChinaMA I. Classical Double Bass
Boglárka Forgó
HungaryBA III. Classical Cello
Zsuzsanna Majzik
HungaryMA I. Classical Clarinet
Virág Mórocz
HungaryMA I. Oratorio and Lied
Kálmán Oláh
HungaryTMA I. Jazz Saxophone
Ádám Szokolay
HungaryMA II. Classical Piano
Panna Szöllősy Vágó
HungaryMA II. Harp
Maryia Trepashka
BelarusBA II. Classical Violin


Only full-time students of the Liszt Academy were able to apply, but from any academic year of any BA or MA instrumental and vocal art program or of the School for Exceptional Young Talents, if they are active students in the academic year 2022/2023. The scholarship can be used for covering the tuition fee, for instruments and instrument cases, for expenses related to masterclasses and competitions or any other costs occurring in connection with the studies.

For the 2023/2024 academic year the amount of the scholarship is 600.000 HUF per student.

The Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music and the Friends of The Liszt Academy conducted a pre-selection of the submitted applications and proposed 20 students for the scholarship to the Committee consisting of the representatives of the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music, the Friends of The Liszt Academy and the Bank of China.

This Committee selected the 10 scholarship holders who will get a notification via email-address they submitted in their application.

If organized, scholarship holders have to perform at the Bank of China gala concert. All scholarship holders have to submit a written report about the use of the scholarship by the end of the school year 2023/2024 to the International Affairs and Development Department of the Academy.