Individual Study Schedule

What is an individual study schedule?

Individual study schedule – based on part II of Rules and Regulations article no.1/12 – means a study schedule compiled by the individual student from among the compulsory, elective and optional courses of the University’s credit system-based education programme to define the performance of the study and examination requirements with respect to the given study period, in line with the respective regulations of the University.

This is used in practice when students are unable to visit and complete their classes due to strenuous circumstances, but the teacher of the lesson is willing to prepare individualized material for the student that is possible to attain and to complete its requirements at set intervals. Completion requirements in these cases may also be up to discussion (e.g. subsequent classes).


What is NOT an individual study schedule:

– deviating from the recommended curriculum in case the curriculum does not impede said deviation (e.g. classes with prerequisites)

– shortening study programme

– exceptional non-attendance [part I of the Academic Rules and Regulations Article no. 44/5].


How, where, when to submit the request?

The request is to be submitted through Neptun (Administration > Requests) according to the given deadlines in each semester.


Attachments: all and any opinion, recommendation, support, approval, certificate that is in favour of the request (e.g. certificate from the employer, medical certificates, other supporting documents)


The process of filling in the form and other useful information

In case there are any documents that may help forming a decision in a case (e.g. medical certificates, recommendations, etc.), please attach all of them to the request, and list all the documents on the request form (point 4/a on the request form)


The request can be under advisement up to 30 days upon which a decision has to be given by the Committee. If the request is lacking or the Committee decides that more information is needed in order to make a well-informed decision, completion of documents is to be expected. Regarding this as well as all decisions are communicated towards the student on phone or in e-mail. Hard copy of the decision can be picked up in person in Ligeti room 108 (1st floor) or the student may receive it via post if requested.