Meetings to fix class times 2022/23/1

Please check back for updates regularly.

For the contact information of professors please send an e-mail to[at]

Andorka, Péter:
Scheduling for Digital Notation (Sibelius): 8 September (Thursday), 15.30, W52 room -109 (computer room in the basement)
If you cannot be there in person, please let the professor know in e-mail.

Ábrahám, Márta:

Scheduling: 8 September (Thursday), 15.00, Old Academy room 304

First violin lesson: 12 September (Monday)

Báll, Dávid: 7 September (Wednesday), 14.15, Main building room VIII

Baranyay, László: 7 September (Wednesday), 16.00, Main building room XII

Bene, Róza: 6 September (Tuesday), 17.00, Old Academy, at the entrance hall of Bach room (in front of the lift on the ground floor).

Bor, Péter: 8 September (Thursday), 10.00, W52 Lobby

Borbély, László:
Scheduling: 5 September (Monday), 15.00, café in the main building (LF8)
It is important for everyone to come who have main subject and/or contemporary piano music with the professor. If it is not possible to be there in person, please let the professor know in e-mail until 2 September. 
First main subject lessons: 12 and 13 September
During these first two days ALL students are required to appear, regardless of their timetable.
Contemporary piano music: the discussion of the material will be online. The first contemporary piano music lessons will start on the week of 19 September for everyone.

Darázs, Renáta: 5 September (Monday), 13.00, Semmelweis str. building room 209

Dobozy Borbála and Ratkó Ágnes: for harpsichord, BA piano, and piano accompanist main subject students

Scheduling: 7 September (Wednesday), 10.00, Old Academy room 311 (time change!)

Erdélyi, László: 13 September (Tuesday), 10.00, Main building room VIII

Falvai, Anna: 8 September (Thursday), 9.30, W52. room -121

Farkas, Gábor: 10 September (Saturday), 13.30, Main building room VIII

Fazekas, Gergely: Music History, History of Western Music

participation in the classes based on the timetable is expected starting on the week of 5 September

Gulyás, István: 6 September (Tuesday), 14.00, Main building room VI

Hargitai, Imre: 5 September (Monday), 14.00 (changed from 16.00), Main building room XIV

Homor, Zsuzsanna: 7 September (Wednesday), 10.00, Main building room XVI, for Instrumental Repertiore Studies and Accompaniment of Instrumentalists as Main Subject as well 

Kapás, Géza:
strings methodology lesson (for violinists): every Tuesday, 19.00-20.00, Old Academy room 407

Káel, Norbert:
scheduling: 13 September (Tuesday), 8.00, Main building room VIII (the first class will be held starting this day as well)
The time of the classes: Tuesdays, 8.00-9.30 and 9.30-11.00, Main building room VIII., Wednesdays 8.00-9.30, Main building room XVII

Kemenes, András: 5 September (Monday), 11.00, Main building room VIII

Kertész, István: 5 September (Monday), 10.00, Old Academy room 307

Kéry, János: 5 September (Monday), 10.00, Semmelweis str. building, room 207

Körösvölgyi, Zoltán:
scheduling: 5 September (Monday) and 6 September (Tuesday), during the time and at the place of the classes in the timetable
first classes: 19 and 20 September (Monday and Tuesday)

Lajkó, István: 10 September (Saturday), 14.00, Main building room VII

Marczi, Mariann: 6 September (Tuesday), 9.00, Semmelweis street building room 113

Némethy, Attila:
Scheduling: 5 September (Monday), 10.00, Main building, room XII

Pásztor, Balázs:
Scheduling: 5 September (Monday), 17.00, W52 room -120 (basement)

Perényi, Eszter:
Scheduling: 6 September (Tuesday), 13.00, Main building, room XXVIII/ Hubay Room

Prunyi, Ilona: 7 September (Wednesday), 14.00, Main building room XIII

Ránki Fülöp: 5 September (Monday), 15.00, café in the main building (LF8)

Somogyi, Péter: violin main subject and study of orchestral parts for MA 2 violinists

Scheduling: 5 September (Monday), 14.00, W52 lobby

Suki, András: 6 September (Tuesday), 8.00, Main building room XIII

Würtz Klára: 2 September (Friday), 11.00, Main building room VII