Harpsichord admission requirements for MA studies

Admission requirements are the same for in person and online applicants unless indicated otherwise.

Main Subject:

A programme of minimum 40-45 minutes at the applicant's choice, presenting as many styles and genres as possible.

- A 16th- or 17th-century piece of minimum 5-6 minutes

- J. S. Bach: Wohltemperiertes Klavier:

  • 2 Preludes and 2 Fugues or
  • 1 English Suite/Partita/Toccata

- 1 preclassical/gallant or classical Sonata

- 1 piece at the choice of the applicant

- Basso continuo: 2-2 movements (one slow and one fast) from the sonatas of J. S. Bach and an 18th-century Italian composer (e.g. Corelli, Geminiani.) If possible, please bring a chamber partner to the entrance examination.

- Performing basso continuo by sight-reading

- The entrance examination committee shall retain the right to listen to the entire programme or parts of it.

- A short interview might take place within the entrance examination


General Admission Requirements:


Written examination:

  • Bass harmonisation: harmonisation of a bass line of cca. 10 notes, indication of the accords with figures.
  • Analysis: formal analysis of the opening movement of a sonata from the stylistic circle of Haydn and Mozart piano sonatas.

Exam in general music studies:

  • Identification of 10 music pieces - possibly composer and title, but at least the epoch or style and identification or the genre.
  • Explanation and interpretation of 10 music terms, concepts, titles, etc.