Delegation of the Liszt Academy attended AEC’s jubilee general assembly

20 November 2023

The European association of higher music education institutions held its 50th General Assembly and Congress in The Hague to commemorate the 70th anniversary of its foundation and discuss several challenges.

Gyula Fekete, Vice-President of Research and International Affairs, Judit Rajk, Director of the Kodály Institute as well as college senior lecturer Balázs Kecskés represented the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music at the event, which was held at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague in November.


photo: Alex Schröder


Gyula Fekete and Judit Rajk also discussed bilateral and multilateral cooperation opportunities with the partner institutions, while Balázs Kecskés attended a meeting of the working group on pre-college music education.


photo: Alex Schröder


This year’s AEC Congress highlighted topics such as quality enhancement, international collaborations, student involvement, diversity and inclusion, power relations, digitisation, artistic excellence, pre-college music education, environmental and mental sustainability, lifelong learning and artistic research. One of the spotlights at the plenary session was the different needs of addressing the new generations, the modernisation of teaching methods and the emerging issues of music education through artificial intelligence in the context of digitalisation. The event provided an opportunity to exchange ideas in the various working groups, panel discussions and presentations.