Gergely Kovács’s acclaim at the International Chopin Piano Competition in Budapest

13 July 2018

The 8th International Chopin Piano Competition in Budapest was held between 21 and 30 June, 2018 at the district music school of Rákospalota named after Jenő Hubay.

Following the preliminary video selection, 9 contestants were chosen out of the 22 after the first round, while only three of them got shortlisted for the final.  All three finalists performed Chopin’s Piano Concerto in E-minor accompanied by the Gödöllő Symphony Orchestra conducted by Gábor Horváth.

No 1st prize was awarded this year, yet Gergely Kovács, tutored by Attila Némethy and Balázs Réti, came second at the competition and as a special prize, he also won the opportunity to play at the foot of the Fryderyk Chopin Monument in the Warsaw. 


Congratulations on the accomplishment