Great success of the Ovid’s Metamorphoses Erasmus Intensive Programme

29 July 2014

With the support of the Tempus Public Foundation more than sixty students and professors from seven art universities form six different countries retuned the everlasting stories of Ovid at the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music.

During the workshop participants interpreted 10 stories of Ovid's Metamorphosis and presented their concept of Orpheus, Pygmalion, Daphne and Callisto as a closing concert of three acts. According to the feedbacks the Ovid-project was a huge success both among the participants and the audience in Budapest as well.

After receiving the text and instrumentation of the 10 Ovid stories in January 2014 composition students from Rome, Florence, Krakow, Brussels and Budapest were given the opportunity to compose on their own. In the meantime, theatre directors from Târgu Mureș, Zagreb and Budapest created their unique approach for the staging of the 10 stories. Following the long preparatory phase the international team met in Budapest on 22nd June to begin their joint, two-week-long intensive work, 8 hours a day. First, they have been working in separate chamber groups followed by a unique, creative phase with the actors to establish the final form of the pieces. The ambitious concept of the project and the two-week-long highly professional work created a brand new, unique genre.

Photo: Balázs Mohai

The result exceeded expectations: the concert on 4th July with the 10 extraordinary stories absorbed the musical and theatrical culture of 6 countries. With the diverse supplementary programmes – such as a sightseeing tour in the city and a boat cruise on the Danube, pizza in the park, a visit to the Széchenyi Spa, ruin pubs – we successfully presented the participants the Budapest outside the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music as well.

The Ovid-interpretations created in the past few weeks were unique both in the professional life of the Liszt academy and the history of international, cultural cooperations. We would like to thank the creators of the concept: Dr. Gyula Fekete, Dr. András Almási-Tóth, the directors, Dr. Éva Patkó, Dr. András Almási-Tóth and Dr. Borna Baletić as well as the participating composers, musicians, conductors, actors and the professors of the institutions for their enthusiastic performance. We would also like to thank the organizers for their work as well - their contribution to the huge success of the project is indisputable. Special thanks goes to Dr. András Surányi, professor at the Budapest Business School and his students for shooting the events behind the scene and to Dr. György Karsai professor, classical philologist at the Academy of Drama and Film who contributed to the understanding of the pieces and the success of the closing concert by interpreting the stories of Ovid. On 4th July 2014 an extraordinary concert concluded the Ovid's Metamorphosis Erasmus Intensive Programme with great success.

The closing concert (photo: Andrea Felvégi)


All photos taken during the rehearsals and the closing concert are to be found on the project's microsite by clicking here. We have also made a photo gallery combined with the pictures made by the participants – the photos represent the unique atmosphere of the workshop perfectly. The gallery can be opened by clicking on this link.

We've received multiple feedbacks from the participating students about their experience – we made a compilation from them.

„I wanted to say goodbye and thank you for everything it was really a great experiment for me and I think for all of us"

Rouzbeh from Rome

„It was pretty hard for us with such a busy schedule, but now that it is over, we are all very content and please send my regards to the team once more!"

Nikola from Zagreb

„I really want to thank you for making our stay so beautiful! We are the happiest people ever and can't stop thinking about you and Budapest. The whole project was amazing.  Now we wait for you to come and visit us!"

Jarek from Krakow

„Once again big hugs to you for all what you gave to us."

Maciek from Krakow

„I have been so happy to attend the final concert of the IP!  Congratulations to you for all your work, you have been really wonderful! For all students from Rome and Professor Riccardi it has been an excellent experience in Budapest, they have been so happy and grateful to all of you for the perfect organization and warm welcome. Looking forward to next collaboration!"

Paola Pisa, Head of International Department, Santa Cecilia Academy of Music

„For me it was a wonderful experience and everything was perfect in the organization, thanks to you and your colleagues.
I'd like to ask you also, if it is possible, to send me the email addresses of the musicians who have played whit me on Philemone and Baucis and Pygmalion; they have played very good and they were really so nice with me, so I'd like to thank and greet them personally."

Daniele from Rome