Moldavian violinist wins this year’s Bartók World Competition

11 September 2023

Lilia Pocitari won the first prize of 22,000 euros at the 2023 Bartók World Competition of Liszt Academy on Sunday.

Second prize of 14,000 euro was awarded to Japan’s Tomotaka Seki, and third prize of 8,000 euro to German–Polish–Japanese Maya Alexandra Kasprzak, according to the decision of the prestigious international jury.


Lilia Pocitari (photo: Liszt Academy/Gábor Valuska)


The jury also awarded two special prizes. The 2,000 euro prize for the best performance of the compulsory contemporary piece went to Lilia Pocitari for performing exceptionally Serbian composer Veljko Nenadić’s Impromptu and Perpetuum Mobile, while the 2,000 euro prize for the best Bartók interpretation was awarded to Gáspár Kelemen.