"Our task is to set an example and build bridges between past and future"

7 September 2023

The Liszt Academy officially opened the 2023/2024 academic year in the presence of first year students and the university’s management.

"I warmly greet everyone at the opening of the 148th academic year of the Liszt Academy. This year marks the tenth time that I stand on this podium as the rector of the institution at the beginning of a new academic year, and I can say that my sense of awe has not diminished over the past decade. Today is a truly special occasion for me, as this is the last time I hold an opening speech at the start of the academic year, given that my term ends on October 31, " Dr. Andrea Vigh stressed at the beginning of her speech.


fotó: Zeneakadémia/Posztós János


Recalling the history of the Liszt Academy, the rector stressed that in 1875 – its first year – merely seventy students applied and thirty-eight started their studies, while now the number of first-year students being present at the ceremony alone exceeds one hundred. Mentioning the great predecessors – such as Liszt, Erkel, Bartók, Kodály, Weiner and Kurtág – Dr. Vigh expressed her conviction that some of the freshmen present at the ceremony were slated to become world famous. However, she warned, that while fame is not something that can be forced, the right conditions for attaining it could certainly be created.

"During the past ten years, I have done my best to create the most ideal conditions for the students and lecturers of the Liszt Academy so that they can reach their full potential," she pointed out. Dr. Vigh also emphasized that the rector's work is not a soloist task; the achieved success does not belong to the rector, but to the students, lecturers, and staff of the institution. In other words, all that is a source of pride from the past ten years is the result of teamwork. "I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to the Liszt Academy being able to remain one of the leading educational institutions and concert venues in the world over the last ten years amid constantly changing circumstances," she added.

The official recalled the most important milestones of the past decade, including the renovation of the Academy’s main building and the new education-administration office building, the reconstruction of the organ in the Grand Hall, the launch of the Éva Marton International Singing Competition in 2014 and the Bartók World Competition in 2017, the annual Opera Exam Festival, organized together with prestigious foreign partner institutions, the reform of orchestral training, as well as the various large-scale, international professional meetings and conferences. In addition, she acknowledged the innumerable prestigious recognitions that the institution, the professors and the students received. She added that complex educational development programs were implemented and the training system was constantly renewed to create a supportive environment for these visible results.

"Similarly to our predecessors, our task is to set an example and build bridges between past and future, proving beyond doubt that we are solid pillars of our current profession. No matter what the future holds for us, I am convinced that the community of the Liszt Academy will overcome all obstacles, empowered not only by our relationship with each other, but also the reason why we are here, work here, study here: music."


photo: Liszt Academy/János Posztós


Following the rector's speech, the awards for outstanding achievements were presented.

Dr. Csaba Kutnyánszky, vice president of education, presented the Apor Héthy scholarship for the youngest generation to Zsófia Fóris (BA 2nd-year violin student) and to Dávid Fátyol (violin student at the School for Exceptional Young Talents).


photo: Liszt Academy/János Posztós


The list of students nominated for the National Higher Education Scholarship for the 2023/2024 academic year was also announced at the ceremony: Marianna Balogh (folk string instrument – folk song), Éva Petra Buglyó (folk song – folk flute), Zsófia Fóris (BA 2nd- year violin), Ágnes Mendik (MA 1st-year flute), Rebeka Pethő (MA 1st-year flute).  In line with the Academy’s tradition, first-year students took the oath during the ceremony and Dr. Andrea Vigh officially opened the 2023/2024 academic year of the Liszt Academy.

Organist Balázs Szabó, a lecturer at the university, played the Anthem and the Szózat, followed by Rachmaninov's Elegy performed Botond Farkas, 1st-year piano student.

photo: Liszt Academy/János Posztós