Information about enrolment and studies at the Liszt Academy

for first year students

Dear First Year Students,

The following lines contain important basic information about studies at the Liszt Academy.  Please read it thoroughly and make sure to follow all instructions that apply to you.


Enrolment and orientation

Orientation day:

Full-time/Non-degree/Guest students: 31 August 2023 (Thu), 11:00
Erasmus students: 31 August 2023 (Thu), 14:00

Place: Ligeti building, Room 018 (address: 1077 Budapest, 52 Wesselényi Street)


Please write an e-mail to if you will be coming to the orientation day.

If you cannot arrive by the orientation day, please let us know by e-mail when you will be arriving.


Please be punctual and bring the following:

  • your Letter of Acceptance
  • printed out and signed copy of the Registration Form 2023-2024
    • for full-time (and guest) students: to be downloaded from your online NEPTUN account available from August; further info will follow on 31 August
    • for non-degree students: to be downloaded from here
  • a tablet, notebook or smart phone that can connect to the internet (wifi connection available on campus)
  • (tuition fee paying non-degree students only:) the receipt of the bank transfer of your tuition fee
  • the diploma you submitted with your application and the required translation of it (original documents, not photocopies)
    • Full-time students: official, signed and stamped Hungarian translation of your diploma
    • Non-degree students: English or Hungarian translation of your diploma
  • blue pen (Hungarian documents cannot be signed with a black pen!)


Enrolment period: 28 August - 10 September

Please book an appointment here if you did not attend the orientation day, or if your enrolment was not completed during the orientation day.

By the time of the enrolment, please read the Academic Regulations for Students and other sets of rules.


If you cannot arrive in Hungary until the first day of the enrolment period and orientation day, or decide not to enrol at the Liszt Academy, please notify us as soon as possible.


Tuition fee payment:

For non-degree students, the prerequisite of enrolment is the payment of the tuition fee. Those who do not provide proof of payment by the first week of September are denied enrolment.

For full-time students the deadline of tuition fee payment is available here.


Enrolment certificates necessary for residence permit application will be available 2 working days after enrolment.  Please note that it is necessary to apply for a residence permit 30 days before your temporary visa or old residence permit expires.


If you have any questions about entering Hungary, please contact the Hungarian Embassy or Consulate in your country first.



Student contract

If you are a self-financed (tuition fee paying) student, at the time of enrolment you are required to sign a student contract concerning your tuition fee. You will be asked to read, understand, and sign 3 copies at enrolment/orientation.



Chamber music classes

Chamber music classes are compulsory for all BA and MA instrumentalists and students of the piano soloist programme in every semester, and they are optional modules for non-degree students. String quartet classes are compulsory for first year MA students and second year BA students of string instruments.

If you take chamber music and/or string quartet classes in a semester, at the beginning of every semester you need to apply for chamber music (and string quartet) classes to be able to register for and take them in the given semester.


Please be reminded that the application deadline is 27 August 2023 (Sunday), CEST 23:59.

Applications that exceed the student’s maximum quota are deleted, and the affected groups are rearranged, so please be careful and confirm beforehand how many chamber music groups you can have in a semester.

Applications of non-degree students who did not notify us in July about their wish to participate in chamber music classes, will also be deleted.


Application and requirements are available here.



Health Insurance

If you are a self-financed student, you have to take care of study abroad health insurance for your time as a student at the Liszt Academy. You are advised to take out an insurance policy in your country, and already have health insurance when you arrive in Hungary, but you can also get one at insurance companies in Hungary that carry insurance plans for international students.

Major insurance companies in Hungary where study abroad health insurance is available: Allianz, Generali, Aegon (currently only available in Hungarian)

Citizens of the EU, Ireland, Norway, Liechtenstein and Switzerland are entitled to subsidized healthcare with certain conditions (mainly for medical emergencies) in Hungary, in case they hold a valid European Health Insurance Card (EHIC).


Stipendium Hungaricum / SCY scholarship holders automatically receive health insurance from the Liszt Academy, as part of their scholarship. More details, along with further information for scholarship holders are sent separately.




In accordance with the relevant law in force it is the University's duty to ensure and regularly organize fire protection, as well as occupational safety and health trainings for students, academic staff and administrative staff. It is everyone's duty fixed by law to participate in the trainings and acquire the knowledge of the topics covered. Taking into account the characteristics of the institution and for the sake of successful dissemination of information and effective training, our institution opted for distance education, in the form of previously compiled materials in PDF format. The training materials can be accessed here:

Fire Protection

Occupational Safety and Health


Please thoroughly read the above documents and comply with the rules.  In accordance with the relevant law in force, it is our duty to document the procedure of the training, therefore please verify your familiarity with the materials at the time of enrolment by signing the Statement Register on your Registration Form.



Language Support

The language of instruction at the Liszt Academy is Hungarian or English, but assistance from administrative staff is available in Japanese as well, to some extent. Please note, however, that it is very important to be fluent in English, in order to be successful in your studies.

However, a good command of English is especially important for those who (plan to) study in a full-time or part-time programme.

An English-Hungarian-Japanese glossary of academic and music terms available on the Liszt Academy website here, might also be a useful language aid for studies at the Liszt Academy.

Suggestions, corrections and versions in other languages are always welcome.



Additional information for FULL-TIME (and GUEST) students

Curriculum: please read thoroughly the curriculum of your study programme by the time of the enrolment. The curriculum of each study programme and the descriptions of many of the courses offered are available online here.


Orchestra Projects: orchestra practice is part of the curriculum for all BA and MA instrumentalists (except for piano, baroque instruments and cimbalom) in every semester, and guest students are eligible to participate if they have registered for it on time.

Information about Orchestra Projects in the Autumn Semester of the 2023-2024 academic year is available here.

Eligible students of violin are requested to notify the Assistant to the Orchestra, Professor Gergely Ménesi, which projects they would like to participate in, as soon as possible:

Information about the regular (weekly) rehearsals and the Orchestra Week is updated on this website under For Students > News.


Choir Projects:
Choir is a compulsory subject for the following full-time students:
BA piano I-II, BA organ I-III, BA harpsichord I-III, BA accordion I-III,  BA Guitar I-III, BA cimbalom I-III, BA conducting I-III, BA composition I-II, MA choir conducting I-II, MA orchestra conducting I

The dates of Choir Days are available in the academic calendar here. Please be sure to attend these intensive choir sessions.

Place: Liszt Academy Main Building 5th floor, Dome Hall (“Kupola”)
(address: 1061 Budapest, 8 Liszt Ferenc Square)

Please make sure not to miss any rehearsals.


Choir can also be taken as an elective subject for other students and guest students. If you are interested please please see the academic calendar regarding Choir Days.

Information about regular (weekly) rehearsals and the Choir Week is updated on this website under For Students > News.



Credit transfer procedures

Full-time students who wish to have credits transferred from their previous studies, need to submit a credit transfer request as soon as possible. Requests are to be submitted in Neptun, and the latest date for submitting credit transfer requests for the first semester is the date listed at Administration / Requests / Available requests / Valid until in your Neptun account.

Information about how to submit the credit transfer requests in Neptun is available here.

For assistance and information about necessary documents to be submitted, please turn to Ms. Edit Kovács. Contact:, Ligeti building Room 013 (52 Wesselényi Street). Please note, however, that the office is closed between 31 July and 20 August 2023.

Note that students whose credit transfer request have been accepted and wish to complete their studies in a shorter period than the official length of the study programme due to the amount of transferred credits, need to submit an official request. For further details see the Academic Regulations for Students, and turn to administrative staff.




If you have any further questions about your studies, feel free to turn to the administrative staff of the Study Department.

Please note, however, that the Study Department of the Liszt Academy is closed between 31 July and 20 August 2023. E-mail correspondence is not available. We will get back to inquiries ASAP starting 21 August.