Born: 1962
University position: DLA, professor
1986: Franz Liszt Academy of Music – harp artist diploma, music theory diploma
2009: DLA – title of dissertation: Our Versatile Instrument, the Harp
Teaching activities:
1986-1996: Béla Bartók Secondary School of Music – harp
Since 1996: Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music
2007-2011: Head of the Chordal Instruments and Percussion Department, since 1st July 2011 Head of the Harp Sub-Department under Keyboard, Harp and Percussion Dept.
2010–2013: Vice President (responsible for academic affairs)
2013–2023: President of the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music
Master classes:
2012: master class at the Conservatoire Royal de Bruxelles
1993-94: Concerts in Berlin, Lisbon, Salzburg with the Budapest Festival Orchestra
Since 1993: annual solo recitals at the Liszt Academy of Music
1994: appearance in ZDF's "Die Beste" to present her "Harp Concertos" record.
1995: Tour with the Budapest Festival Orchestra conducted by Sir Georg Solti
1995: concerts organised around the Bartók commemoration in Paris, New York – Carnegie Hall
1997: concert with the Festival Orchestra, conducted by Zoltán Kocsis
2003: solo recital at the Budapest Spring Festival
2003: concert with the Amadinda Percussion Group in the New Year's Eve
2004: chamber concert with David Grimal, András Adorján, Miklós Perényi at the Liszt Academy on the occasion of Hungary's EU accession
2005: concerts in the Palace of Arts and at the Liszt Academy with Ilona Tokody and Éva Marton within the frames of Winter Evenings.
2006: Partner of Béla Drahos playing Mozart's concerto for flute and harp with the Hungarian Radio's Orchestra conducted by Tamás Vásáry
2008: concert in Vienna's Hofburg with Vilmos Szabadi in the autumn. National harp presentation tour. Concert series with Ilona Tokody and Vilmos Szabadi at the Liszt Academy.
2010: tour in Japan with Csaba Onczay cellist
2012: solo recital in Brussels
2014: solo recital in Japan, Sapporo, Kithara Hall
2014, 16th October: International Harp Festival, Gödöllő (Royal Castle), featuring: Béla Drahos
2014, December: selection from the best performances of the last 10 yeras (Liszt Academy, Grand Hall), featuring: Vilmos Szabadi, Csaba Onczay, Péter Bársony, Béla Drahos, Zsolt Szatmári, Nyári String Quartet (László Nyári, Géza Szajkó, Kálmán Szilveszter Dráfi, István Balázs)
2015, February: Sándor Balassa concert for his 80th anniversary (Liszt Academy, Grand Hall), featuring: New Hungarian Chamber Orchestra
2015, March: Concert with the Manchester Camerata (Liszt Academy, Grand Hall; Kaposvár, Miskolc)
2015, March: Concert with Béla Drahos (Kaposvár)
2015, April: Concert with Béla Drahos (Miskolc)
2015, November: A hangszerek világa – A hárfa sokszínűsége; instrument demonstration concert for kids (Festetics Palace, Mirror Hall)
2015, December: Concert with the Franz Liszt Chamber Orchestra
2015, December: Saint-Saëns recital with the Hungarian Radio Symphony Orchestra
2015, December: „Remekművek 3 tételben” 1. Mozart recital (Liszt Academy, Grand Hall), featuring: Zsolt Szatmári, Béla Drahos, Franz Liszt Chamber Orchestra
2016, January: concert of the Cantemus Family Series (Nyíregyháza, Kodály Hall)
2016, March: „MVM Koncertek – Remekművek 3 tételben” 2. Debussy and Ravel – Impressionism in Music (Liszt Academy, Grand Hall), featuring: Béla Drahos, Zsolt Szatmári, Kelemen Quartet (Barnabás Kelemen, Katalin Kokas, Gábor Homoki and László Fenyő)
2016, March: Harp recital (Szekszárd, House of Arts)
2016, March: Harp recital (Tapolca, Tamási Áron Cultural Centre)
2016, July: Harp recital (Fertőd), featuring: Béla Drahos, Zsolt Szatmári, Budapest Strings
2016: concert with Miklós Perényi in Japan, Sapporo, Kitara Hall
2016: Series of 3 concerts – „Remekművek 3 tételben” (Liszt Academy, Gran Hall), Mozart-, Debussy, Ravel and Saint-Saёns works with the Franz Liszt Chamber Orchestra, the Hungarian Radio Symphony Orchestra and the Kelemen Quartet
2018, October: premiere of Gyula Fekete's Harp Concerto with the Budapest Strings
2018, November: Concert with Dezső Ránki and Edit Klukon at the 100th anniversary of Claude Debussy's death
2018, 20th December: Christmas concert with János Balázs (Liszt Academy, Grand Hall)
2019, 11th January: concert with Jacques Zoon flutist and the National Philharmony Orchestra conducted by Lucas Borowitz (Liszt Academy, Grand Hall) Mozart: Double Concerto for Flute and Harp
2019, 6th February: concert with the Manchester Camerata conducted by Gábor Takács Nagy (Liszt Academy, Grand Hall), Debussy: Deux Danses
2019, 1th March: solo recital in Zalaegerszeg
2019, 7th April: solo recital in Komárom
2019, 17th April: concert with the Kodály String Quartet in the Budapest Spring Festival (Festetics Palace), Ravel: Introduction and allegro
2019, 3th May: concert with Andrea Rost and János Balázs (Liszt Academy, Grand Hall)
2019, 28th June: concert with János Balázs (Tata, Old Lake Concert Hall)
2019, 23th July: solo recital in Balatonlelle
2019, 31th August: ZENERGIA at the Bazilika in the St Stephen square in front of 10.000 people
2019, 3th October: concert with Ingrid Kertesi (Gödöllő, Royal Palace)
2019, 6th October: instrument demonstration concert (Gödöllő, Royal Palace)
2019, 15th November: harp solo from Donizetti's Lammermoori Lucia (Liszt Academy)
2019, 16th November: concert with Miklós Perényi and Dénes Várjon (Liszt Academy), Liszt: Elegy No. 1
2019, 19th November: Vántus Contemporary Days, Szeged – Gyula Fekete's Harp Concerto with the Budapest Strings
2019, 1th December: concert with the Cantemus Choir, Nyíregyháza; Britten: Ceremony of Carols
2019, 21th December: concert with Kristóf Baráti and János Balázs (Liszt Academy, Grand Hall)
2019, 30th December: concert with János Balázs (Tata, Old Lake Concert Hall)
2020, 2th February: solo recital (Festetics Palace)
2020, 2th March: concert with Andrea Rost and Barnabás Kelemen (Liszt Academy, Grand Hall)
2020, 5th March: solo recital in Kaposvár
Orchestral memberships:
Hungarian Radio's Symphonic Orchestra, MÁV Symphonic Orchestra, Budapest Strauss Orchestra
Between 1993 and 1996, permanent guest of the Budapest Festival Orchestra.
10 solo recordings at Capriccio and Hungaroton.
Various TV recordings, a documentary film and many programs about the harp. TV2 recorded her solo recital in 2000.
In 2006, Duna TV shot a program with the title of "The Versatility of Harp" with the co-operation of Ilona Tokody, Vilmos Szabadi and András Batta.
In 2006, Hungaroton commissioned her to prepare a DVD on Mozart's concerto for flute and harp with Béla Drahos and the Hungarian Radio's Symphonic Orchestra.
In 2015 March she recorded Sándor Balassa's Harp Concerto.
Member of the jury: international harp competitions in Arles, Szeged and Gödöllő.
Founder and artistic director of the International Harp Festival in Gödöllő since 1999.
Awards and honors:
2000: Liszt award
2016: Prima Prize
2020: Excellent Artist