Ábrahám, Márta School for Exceptional Young Talents, Strings Department Violin as Main Subject

Ács Szily, Éva Department of Teacher Education Violin Teaching Methodology on Primary Level

Almási-Tóth, András Department of Vocal and Opera Studies Performing on Stage

Alszászy, Gábor Department of Vocal and Opera Studies Coaching, Lied Repertoire, Piano Accompanist

Alter, Katalin Department of Vocal and Opera Studies Coaching, Piano Accompanist

Andorka, Péter Music Theory Department, School for Exceptional Young Talents Music Theory, Solfège, Solfège and Music Theory Preparation Course

Antal, Mátyás Woodwind and Brass Department Chamber Music, Orchestra, Wind Ensemble

Apjok, Vivien Folk Music Department Music and Dance

Aranyos, Ágota Keyboard and Harp Department Historical Dance

Dr. Árendás, Péter Doctoral School, Folk Music Department Chamber Music, Folk Music DLA Seminar, Folk Viola as Main Subject, Repertoire Studies, Teaching Methodology

Dr. Asztalos, Kata Kodály Institute Early Childhood Music Education

Ávéd, János Jazz Department Combo Practice, Orchestral Practice