I am not exaggerating when I say that, whatever I achieved as a musician, I owe more to Leó Weiner than to anyone else. ... To me, he remains an outstanding example of what a musician should be.

Sir Georg Solti

Nádor, György Keyboard and Harp Department Piano as Main Subject

Nagao, Haruka Strings Department Violin as Main Subject

Nagy, Nóra Musicology Department English Language

Nagy, Zsolt Folk Music Department Folk Viola as Main Subject

Nagy, Péter Doctoral School, Keyboard and Harp Department Piano as Main Subject, Piano DLA Seminar

Nagy, Katarin Folk Music Department Voice Production Techniques

Dr. Nemes, László Norbert Kodály Institute Choral Conducting, Music Pedagogy, Music Theory, Solfège

Németh, Ildikó Folk Music Department Folk Dance

Németh, István Csaba Folk Music Department Solfège and Music Theory

Németh, József Lóránt Woodwind and Brass Department Instrument Variants

Németh, András Folk Music Department Hurdy-Gurdy as Main Subject, Repertoire Studies, Teaching Methodology

Némethy, Attila Keyboard and Harp Department Piano as Main Subject

Noda, Yudi Musicology Department Hungarian as Foreign Language

Novák, Anikó Kodály Institute Creative Piano Pedagogy (ZeneZen), Piano, Piano Pedagogy

Nyitrai, Marianna Folk Music Department Folk Singing as Main Subject