Palágyi, Ildikó Department of Teacher Education Introduction to Music Therapy

Pálfalvi, Tamás Woodwind and Brass Department Trumpet as Main Subject

Pálfi , Csaba School for Exceptional Young Talents, Woodwind and Brass Department Clarinet as Main Subject, Study of Orchestral Parts

Palócz, Réka Folk Music Department Reflective Seminar, Voice Production Techniques

Pálur , János Keyboard and Harp Department Improvisation, Organ as Main Subject

Dr. Pap, János Musicology Department Acoustics

Papp, Anette Church Music Department Folk Songs, Gradual

Papp, Edit Department of Teacher Education Music Theory Teaching Methodology on Primary and Secondary Level

Pászthy, Julianna Department of Vocal and Opera Studies Classical Singing as Main Subject

Pásztor, Balázs Musicology Department Hungarian Language (for Foreign Students)

Pásztor, Zsuzsa Department of Teacher Education Maintenance of Musical Work Capacity

Paulik, László Strings Department Baroque Violin as Secondary Instrument

Perényi, Miklós Strings Department Cello as Main Subject

Perényi, Eszter Doctoral School, School for Exceptional Young Talents, Strings Department Strings DLA Seminar, Violin as Main Subject

Dr. Péteri, Lóránt Musicology Department Mahler's Oeuvre, Music History

Pétery, Dóra Laura Church Music Department, Doctoral School Church Music DLA Seminar, Organ, Piano Accompaniment

Pilz, János Chamber Music Department Chamber Music, String Quartet

Pogány, Imola Department of Vocal and Opera Studies Piano Accompanist

Polyák, Zsuzsanna Kodály Institute Kodály's Teaching Philosophy

Pozsár, Máté Jazz Department Analysis, Orchestration, Theory of Jazz

Prunyi, Ilona Keyboard and Harp Department Piano