For six years, I received the most significant part of my formal musical education at the Liszt Academy.

Sir Georg Solti

Bacsó, Kristóf Jazz Department Computer Music Engraving, Improvisation Practice, Orchestral Practice, Saxophone Section Rehearsal

Balázs, Boglárka Folk Music Department Diction, Vocal Training

Balázs, Ádám Composition Department Digital Orchestration and Recording, Logic, Studio Technique as Main Subject

Balázs, János Keyboard and Harp Department, School for Exceptional Young Talents Piano as Main Subject

Bali, János Department of Teacher Education Recorder Teaching Methodology on Primary Level

Dr. Báll, Dávid Keyboard and Harp Department Piano as Main Subject

Balogh, Máté Kodály Institute, Music Theory Department Analysis, Contemporary Music, Transposing and Score Reading

Balogh, Vera Strings Department Baroque Flute as Secondary Instrument

Balogh, Kálmán Folk Music Department Folk Cimbalom as Main Subject, Repertoire Studies, Teaching Methodology

Banda, Ádám Strings Department Violin as Main Subject

Barabás, Edina Kodály Institute Methodology, Music Theory, Solfège, Teaching Practice

Baranyay, Piroska Strings Department Baroque Cello as Main Subject

Baranyay, László Keyboard and Harp Department Piano as Main Subject

Baráti, Kristóf Strings Department Violin as Main Subject

Bárkányi-Horváth, Éva Department of Vocal and Opera Studies, Woodwind and Brass Department Piano Accompanist

Bársony, Péter Strings Department Study of Orchestral Parts, Viola as Main Subject

Bársony, László Strings Department Strings Methodology, Viola as Main Subject

Dr. Barta, Gergely Composition Department Free Composition as Main Subject, Instrumental and Vocal Counterpoint

Beischer-Matyó, Tamás Music Theory Department Music Theory, Solfège, Transposing and Score Reading

Belinszky, Anna Musicology Department, School for Exceptional Young Talents Music History

Bella, Máté Composition Department 20th Century Styles of Composing in Practice, Composition Main Subjects, Transposing and Score Reading

Dr Benkő, Szabolcs Department of Teacher Education Structure and Operation of an Educational Institution

Berecz, Mihály Chamber Music Department Chamber Music

Bertoldi, Thiago Woodwind and Brass Department Piano Accompanist

Binder, Károly Jazz Department Jazz Composition and Jazz Piano as Main Subject, Theory of Jazz

Bíró, Gergely Woodwind and Brass Department Introduction to the Alexander Technique

Bódiss, Tamás Church Music Department Organ, Other Church Music Subjects

Bolcsó, Bálint Composition Department Composition Methods, Electronic Composition as Main Subject, Music Programming, Orchestration

Boldoczki, Gábor Woodwind and Brass Department Trumpet as Main Subject

Bolya, Mátyás Folk Music Department Folk Zither and Cobza as Main Subject, Music Engraving, Recording and Archiving Folk Music, Repertoire Studies, Teaching Methodology

Bolyki, Sára Folk Music Department Folk Singing as Main Subject

Borbély, László Doctoral School, Keyboard and Harp Department Contemporary Music, Musical DLA Seminar, Piano as Main Subject, Secondary Piano

Borbély, Mihály Jazz Department Clarinet, Combo, Jazz Saxophone as Main Subject

Boross, Szilvia Strings Department Piano Accompanist

Borsányi, Márton Keyboard and Harp Department History of Instruments, Maintenance of instruments, Organology

Botvay, Károly Chamber Music Department, School for Exceptional Young Talents Chamber Music, String Quartet

Bozó, Péter Doctoral School, Musicology Department Musicology PhD Seminar

Brauer-Benke, József Folk Music Department Solfège and Music Theory (Ethnography and History of Instruments)

Bretz, Gábor Department of Vocal and Opera Studies Classical Singing as Main Subject

Bubnó, Tamás Church Music Department Byzantine Music Course, Church Music Pedagogy

Budai, Rita School for Exceptional Young Talents, Woodwind and Brass Department Piano Accompanist

Budai, Márta Department of Vocal and Opera Studies Piano Accompanist