Csáki, András Strings Department Guitar as Main Subject, Guitar History

Csalog, Gábor Chamber Music Department, School for Exceptional Young Talents Chamber Music

Csávás, Attila Folk Music Department Folk Clarinet–Turkish Pipe as Main Subject, Repertoire Studies, Teaching Methodology

Cseh, Dalma Department of Vocal and Opera Studies Coaching, Piano Accompanist

Cseke, Gábor Jazz Department Piano Accompanist

Csenki, Zalán Folk Music Department Cobza as Main Subject, Repertoire Studies

Csereklyei, Andrea Conducting Department Voice Production Techniques

Dr. Cseri, Zsófia Conducting Department Choral Conducting as Main Subject, Conducting Technique as Main Subject, Literature of Youth and Children's Choirs

Cserta, Balázs Folk Music Department Folk Recorder as Main Subject

Csobó, Péter Doctoral School, Musicology Department DLA Seminar

Csonka, András Musicology Department Cultural Institutions, Copyright

Csuhaj-Barna, Tibor Jazz Department Combo Practice, Jazz Double Bass as Main Subject, Teaching Methodology

Czakó, Erika Strings Department Guitar Ensemble, Guitar Teaching Methodology on Primary and Secondary Level

Czene, Rudolf Jazz Department Classical Piano

Czinege, Ádám Kodály Institute Music History