Zalán Csenki

Folk Music Department

Cobza as Main Subject, Repertoire Studies

Born: 1993, Szeged

University position: assistant lecturer

2012: András Dugonics Piarist Secondary School, Szeged
2012-2013: University of Szeged – Bachelor’s Programme in Geography
2013-2016: Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music, Folk Music Department, B.A. in Folk plucked instruments
2016- : Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music, Folk Music Department, M.A. in  Folk plucked instruments
2017- : Béni Egressy Reformed Secondary School of Arts, Folk wind instruments – further education course

Teaching activities:
2016- : Liszt Ferenc Bartók Music Secondary School, Budapest – part-time lecturer and chamber music instructor  
2017- : Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music, Folk Music Department – part-time lecturer in cobza
2017: 9th Pustiana Folk Music Camp, Pustiana – instructor of cobza
2017: 4th Hatetudnád Folk Arts Camp, Szeged – instructor of cobza
2017: 17th Moldova Folk Music Course, Szeged – instructor of cobza

Achievements, recordings:
2008 – 2014: Collaboration in the CD recordings of the Folk Music Chamber Workshop of the Piarist Master School in Szeged: sung poems and Moldovan songs Égig érő énekek (Songs reaching up to the sky)Balassi: Repülvén áldjalak (Blessing you flying); Moldovan vocal and instrumental tunes Hegyek-völgyek között (Between mounts and valleys)
2008, 2010, 2012: Collaboration in the CD series Új élő népzene (New living folk music)
2011: 6th National Folk Music Competition of Gödöllő – 1st prize as band, special prize
2012, 2014: National Folk Music Assembly in Bonyhád - award of excellence for best instrumental performance
2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017: Collaboration in the CD series Táncház-Népzene (Dance House Movement – Folk Music)
2014: Collaboration in the Alexandra Berta’s CD Lelkem a lelkeddel (My soul with yours)
2017: semi-final of the folk talent show The Flying Peacock

Music groups:
Zalán Csenki and his band – cobza-based traditional folk music
Korinda Band – Csángó and Szekler folk music (founded in 2005)
Folk music chamber workshop (Szeged) – Folk Music and poetry arrangements
Pengetős Trió (Plucked strings trio) – folk music for zither, cobza and tambura
Kobzart Folk Workshop – ancient music, world music

Concert highlights:
2014: Guest instructors for the Culture of Hungary, Beijing, China
2014: Festivities on 15 March in Moscow and Hungary Days in Udmurtia, Russia
2015: Harvest Ball event series, Beijing, China
2015: 2nd International Zither Festival in Austria
2017: Concerts with the Kobzart Folk Workshop– Budapest, MüPa, Liszt Academy
2017: Korinda Band at the Gnessin Russian Academy of Music in Moscow, Russia
2017: Concert series playing Moldavian Csango folk music along with other related areas such as Gyimes, Barcaság and Szék with the Korinda Band, USA
2017: Euroradio Folk Festival, the Czech Republic – Hungary represented by the Pengetős Trió