Mácsai, János Musicology Department History of Western Music

Madarász, Iván Music Theory Department Analysis, Solfège and Music Theory, Transposing and Score Reading

Madarász, Éva Kodály Institute Piano, Piano Accompaniment

Dr. Magay, Judit Music Theory Department Solfège and Music Theory, Solfège as Main Subject, Transposing and Score Reading

Magyar, Margit Department of Teacher Education Folk Music Teaching Methodology, Solfége Teaching Methodology on Primary Level, Structure and Operation of an Educational Institution

Mali, Emese Chamber Music Department, School for Exceptional Young Talents Chamber Music

Dr. Marczi, Mariann Keyboard and Harp Department Piano

Marton, Éva Department of Vocal and Opera Studies Classical Singing as Main Subject, Opera Singing as Main Subject

Máté, Győző Chamber Music Department Chamber Music, String Quartet

Medgyesy-Schmikli, Norbert Folk Music Department History of Hungarian Music and Hungarian Folk Music, Repertoire Studies, School Celebrations. Vocal and Instrumental – in the Past and in the 21st Century

Medveczky, Ádám Conducting Department Orchestral Conducting as Main Subject, Study of Operatic Roles

Meláth, Andrea Department of Vocal and Opera Studies Classical Singing as Main Subject

Dr. Ménesi, Gergely Conducting Department Conducting Technique as Main Subject (Orchestra), Orchestra

Dr. Merczel, György Church Music Department Gregorian

Merrick, Paul Kodály Institute European and Hungarian Music History

Dr. Mezei , János Church Music Department Liturgical Organ Music

Mező, László Strings Department Cello as Main Subject

Mihó, Attila Folk Music Department Folk Violin as Main Subject, Music Notation, Repertoire Studies, Teaching Methodology

Miskei, László Jazz Department Classical Singing Coaching

Mizsei, Zoltán Church Music Department, Kodály Institute Choral Conducting, Church Music Subjects, Music History

Dr. Mohay, Miklós Doctoral School, Music Theory Department Analysis, Musical and Musicology Seminars, Solfège and Music Theory, Transposing and Score Reading

Molnár, Szabolcs Department of Teacher Education Music History Teaching Methodology on Primary and Secondary Level

Molnár, Anna Jazz Department Classical Singing

Molnár, Marcell Woodwind and Brass Department Piano Accompanist

Monostori, Gábor Chamber Music Department Chamber Music

Murvai-Bőke, Gabriella Musicology Department, School for Exceptional Young Talents Music History, Zoltán Kodály’s oeuvre