Paul Merrick

Kodály Institute

European and Hungarian Music History

Education: Oxford University B.A., M.A., Sheffield University PhD

Teaching experience:
1982 – 2011: Assistant Lecturer in Musicology at the Liszt Academy in Budapest
2012 – present: Lecturer in Music History at the Kodály Institute of the Liszt Academy

Artistic activities:
Composer - various works (including an Oboe Concerto for Evelyn Barbirolli 1974)

Research activities:
Liszt - church music, use of tonality, key and programme in his works

Ten most important publications:


Revolution and Religion in the Music of Liszt (Cambridge University Press 1987, paperback re-issue 2008, available at: 


- Doubtful or authentic? Liszt’s use of key in Don Sanche (in Studia musicologica, 1992  pp. 427- 434)

- The role of tonality in the Swiss book of Années de pélerinage (in: Studia musicologica, 1998 pp. 367-383) (available at

- G flat or F sharp? The cycle of keys in Liszt’s music. (in: Liszt 2000. Selected Lectures given at  the International Liszt Conference in Budapest, May 18-20, 1999, Magyar Liszt Társaság, Budapest, 2000)            

- ”nach Ges dur”: Liszt’s inscription in the score of Handel’s opera Almira. (in: Studia musicologica, 2001 pp.349 - 372)

-  Le chasseur maudit. Key and Content in Liszt’s Music in C minor (in: Studia Musicologica, 2003 pp.321-336)

- Liszt’s sans ton Key Signature (in: Studia Musicologica, 2004 pp. 281-302) (available at: Lisztomania Sans Ton Merrick and at JSTOR)

- Two keys for Six Pieces: Tonality and Liszt’s Consolations (in: Journal of the American Liszt Society [Laires Festschrift ], 2003-5, pp.125-133

- Liszt's music in C major (in: Musical Times Summer 2008  pp.70-80)

- 'Teufelsonate': Mephistopheles in Liszt's Piano Sonata in B minor (in: Musical Times  Spring 2011 pp.7-19)

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