For six years, I received the most significant part of my formal musical education at the Liszt Academy.

Sir Georg Solti

Váradi, Zita Kodály Institute Voice Production Techniques

Varga, Zoltán Woodwind and Brass Department Horn as Main Subject

Varga, Bence Department of Vocal and Opera Studies Performing on Stage

Varga, Benjámin Church Music Department Eastern Liturgical Singing, History of Liturgy, Latin, Liturgical Readings

Varga, István School for Exceptional Young Talents, Strings Department Cello as Main Subject

Varga, Oszkár Chamber Music Department Chamber Music, String Quartet

Várjon, Dénes Keyboard and Harp Department Piano as Main Subject

Vashegyi, György Strings Department Basso Continuo, Early Chamber Music, Early Music Performing in Practice

Végh, Andor Folk Music Department Folk Bagpipe as Main Subject, Repertoire Studies

Dr. Vigh, Andrea Doctoral School, Keyboard and Harp Department Chamber Music, Harp as Main Subject, Harp DLA Seminar, Methodology

Vikárius, László Doctoral School, Kodály Institute, Musicology Department Béla Bartók's Oeuvre, Music History Research as Main Subject, PhD Seminar, Urtext

Virág, Emese Department of Vocal and Opera Studies Piano Accompanist

Virágh, András Gábor Music Theory Department Solfège and Music Theory, Transposing and Score Reading

Vitályos, Balázs School for Exceptional Young Talents Piano Accompanist