Dallos, Erika Department of Vocal and Opera Studies Recitativo Chamber Music, Study of Operatic Roles

Dani, Imre School for Exceptional Young Talents, Strings Department, Woodwind and Brass Department Piano Accompanist

Darázs, Renáta Conducting Department, Kodály Institute Chamber Singing, Voice Production Techniques

Dauer Páva, Anna Department of Teacher Education Piano Teaching Methodology on Primary Level

Dávid, Krisztina Department of Teacher Education Cello Teaching Methodology on Primary Level

Demeniv, Mihály Keyboard and Harp Department Accordion as Main Subject, Chamber Music

Devich, Gábor Department of Teacher Education Clarinet Teaching Methodology on Secondary Level

Dobos-Orosz, Flóra Music Theory Department, School for Exceptional Young Talents Music Theory, Solfège

Dobozy, Borbála Keyboard and Harp Department Harpsichord, Harpsichord as Main Subject

Dobszay, Ágnes Church Music Department Church Music Repertoire, Folk Songs, Transposing and Score Reading

Dobszay, Péter Composition Department Contemporary Music, Ensemble Conducting

Domány, István Department of Teacher Education Trombone Teaching Methodology on Primary Level

Doór, Róbert Folk Music Department Folk Double Bass, Cello, Ütőgardon, Tambura Bass as Main Subject, Repertoire Studies, Teaching Methodology

Dráfi, Kálmán Keyboard and Harp Department Piano as Main Subject

Dr. Drahos, Béla Woodwind and Brass Department Flute as Main Subject

Dudás, Klára Folk Music Department Folk Zither as Main Subject