University studies

The Liszt Academy offers full-time degree programmes on BA and MA levels.

Full-time programmes are available for classical instruments, classical singing, conducting and composition majors. Early music instruments are also offered as majors on the MA level.

The Non-Degree Programme is offered for two types of applicants: it could either be a preparatory course or a specialisation course. This programme does not lead to a degree; participants get a certificate of studies completed and time spent at the Academy. The Non-Degree Programme is available for the majors offered in full-time programmes, and jazz majors as well.

The Kodály Institute in Kecskemét offers two full-time degree programmes besides its non-degree study programme: BA programme in General Music Studies with Kodály emphasis and MA programme in Kodály Music Pedagogy.

Postgraduate studies

The Doctoral School of the Liszt Academy offers the possibility of obtaining DLA and PhD degrees in music. The DLA (Doctor Liberalium Artium / Doctor of Liberal Arts) Department is aimed at composers and performers who wish to achieve artistic development integrated with complex theoretical training. The PhD (Philosophiae Doctor / Doctor of Philosophy) Department is unique in Hungary as it offers the only accredited doctoral program in musicology in the country.

Besides the Doctoral School the Liszt Academy offers three more postgraduate study programmes:

  • One-year Soloist Programme for Pianists
  • Postgraduate Specialist Training Programme in Chamber Music Performance
  • Postgraduate Specialist Training Programme in Historical Performance

Primary–Secondary Programme

Available programmes at the School for Exceptional Young Talents: violin, cello and piano.

Applicants have to be at least ten years old or 15 years old at the most on the day of the application deadline.

Staff & Departments